Hi there! I also collect dolls. Mainly American Girl right now. I do, however, adore horror dolls. I found a seller of Living Dead dolls today, and I noticed you had some. Could I ask some questions? First, can you change their clothes? If so, have you found any other doll brands they can exchange with? I really like Gretchen, but I want to dress her up in other outfits like holiday dresses and nightgowns. Thank you so much! :)

I’m so sorry if this response is late, I haven’t logged into this account in awhile and for some reason my messages don’t pop up when I do log in. :-/

Their clothes are changeable, but they’re kind of tough to find clothes for, sadly. I have one that wears a dress from a Liv World doll, but that line no longer exists in the stores. If you check out eBay and Etsy, you may be able to find some handmade outfits especially for them. They don’t share measurements with any other doll line I’ve come across.

I just want to say that I love your tumblr! and your dolls! I'm glad to have found your tumblr. :) Your dolls are amazing!

Thank you so much! :-)